Happy New Year

First off we would like to wish a happy New Year to all of our followers and supporters of our services. We thank you for your support and kindness over the last year and we hope that you all enjoy good health and a bit of prosperity in the coming year!

Looking back over the last year the company has made massive strides both in services we provide and also the depth of our customer base. We have doubled our clients through the year and to such an extent that we took on extra staff to meet the demand. We have been careful that our growth does not see us lose sight of the personal touch that we have offered and which is so treasured by our customers.

As our experience has grown so has our understanding of which areas of our business are particularly loved by our clients. With this in mind we have spent more time looking at social events we can point our clients towards and therefore support them by escorting them to these events. There is a large demand for companionship and social gatherings and we are more than happy to get people involved in such community events. We have supported Art events, Golfing trips, Bowls visits and craft making events as well as the general cup of Tea and a chat.

Other areas that we have expanded upon is our transportation service. There have been regular runs to hospitals in Newport and Bristol but we have also recognized that so many of our clients are in love with our beautiful Wye Valley and Forest of Dean and they welcome the opportunity to be driven out and take in the breath taking scenery. We have also developed an expansive knowledge of where a good cup of tea can be taken in at the same time as part of the journey.

There have been many positives work wise in 2017 but it would be remiss of us not to note the sad passing of one of our clients and also the poor health that some have suffered. It was a pleasure and an honour to support these people as they battled illness.

Another negative has been the continuing problems being suffered by our NHS. Not a week goes past when we hear about another crisis or concern over this treasured service. It is evident to most people that elements of the services we require are falling short and that such areas as social care are struggling. Something needs to be done on a large scale.

We now look forward to 2018 and what it will bring for us as a company and as individuals. We intend to continue refining our services and we will are looking forward to interacting with our clients and brightening their days.

Good luck and a Happy New Year to all our supporters and friends.

Nigel and Sue Dutson

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