Weathering the storm

Help u at home has continued to support our clients throughout the pandemic. As August came there was a feeling of cautious optimism as the country found places to holiday and places to eat out. Our clients emerged from a dreadfully lonely lockdown and the sun shone.

The pandemic seems to be coming back in force in October and there is a great deal of uncertainty amongst the general population about what path to take. we here at Help u at home will not drop our guard. Masks and copious hand cleansing are the order of the day as we strive to keep all safe.

With Mental health day on the 10th we spare a thought for those that have suffered greatly during this lockdown and who generally find the current situation very hard to cope with mentally. it is good to talk and there is no shame in felling concerned about world events.

Stay safe and lets go forward with hope that we will all prevail

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