Happy and Healthy New Year greetings.

First off we would like to wish a happy New Year and most importantly a healthy New Year to all our clients and followers.

Last year was a troubling year for many people on a global scale and at home our troubled NHS worried many along with Brexit and on going economic issues. It is to be hoped that plans are being made and we can find some direction to work through these issues in 2017.

The Country is starting to wake up to the mounting social care issues we face, with the government extending the retirement age for all and causing hardship for our womenfolk who were borne in the 50's. There is also a growing stigmatisation of the old who are being represented as over using the NHS and causing bed blocking amongst many things. Such attitudes are unacceptable and there needs to be a joined up response that is inclusive and caring and recognises the important roles that our old folk have to offer to society.

2017 will through up many challenges for us all we are sure but one thing is certain and that is that we will all cope with those challenges better if we pull together and show care and consideration for each other.

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