New beginnings

Welcome to our new site and welcome to Help U at Home. This is an exciting time for us and there is a thrum of excitement as we set out to fulfill our ambition of providing a caring support service for the elderly of Chepstow, East Mons and the Forest of Dean.

Support services by local government are being cut back and our most vulnerable people are being left with sparse support and they live in fear of being moved to rest homes just because they are unable to maintain their own properties or carry out the staples of daily living such as Hospital visits, shopping or just having company to talk to. Our own parents suffer from these issues and we understand that there are many who are not fortunate enough to have relatives close by.

The aim of our company is to assist the old of our region to be able to stay in their own homes as long as possible by helping to keep their homes running smoothly and helping our clients to be able to fulfill hospital visits and other appointments, as well as having food in a clean and orderly house.

We are working closely with ACI International the training and care agency in Bulwark and we will between us, be able to offer support on a practical basis through Help U at Home but also healthcare and domiciliary support via ACI International.

We will have a representative based at Joys Lounge on Bulwark road (in the old post office) if you would like to call in and have a chat about your requirements.

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